Thursday, June 7, 2012

Network with Us June 2012

Add your announcement or brag about your writing accomplishment. Tell us about your book or business. Share information and ideas or send articles or advertorial for the next issue by contacting us on our Web site . Here are some announcements from the WITS team and our readers this month:

Check out the e-books designed especially to help authors promote their books online.
There will be a virtual tour to celebrate the launch of Yvonne Perry’s book June 16 through July 5. You are cordially invited to come along with the author as she stops by more than twenty blogs. At each stop, she will feature audio clips, video clips, written interviews, links to radio interviews, book excerpts, media releases, and content-rich articles. Visitors get to read something new each day as they follow the book tour from blog to blog. See the tour schedule at
On June 4, award-winning novelist Michael Loyd Gray will co-host the Aspects of Writing Radio Show with James Kelly. The show will focus on writing for comedy and will feature Melanie Vare, comedian and author of That Time of the Month. On June 19, Michael Loyd Gray returns to Aspects of Writing to discuss writing for movies and television. Listeners can tune in at
Coinciding with the release of Shifting into Purer Consciousness, will present a telesummit for integrating spiritual transformation with the human experience. Featured panelists include Suzanne Grandon, Sondra Ray, Dr. Susan Allison, Kristen Ann, Susan Shier, and other experts in the spiritual shift we are experiencing as we develop our souls and planet to a new level of consciousness.

The topics to be addressed in this telesummit include oneness, spiritually-transforming experiences, walk ins/soul exchanges, Akashic records, working with ascended masters, immortality, the light body, and much more about the ascension process. Register to get a reminder about this event here:
Anne Lyken-Garner is the author of Sunday's Child - the inspiring, true tale of a little girl struggling to rise above appalling living conditions, poverty, violence and abuse. The book tells of the harrowing systematic abuse of a little girl by her grandmother, while giving the reader a glimpse of the political and cultural climate of Guyana in the 1980s. In a desperate economic crisis, Guyana is forced to resort to food and energy rationing. Acclaimed author Anne Lyken-Garner's tale picks up on the humorous aspects that the young girl experiences while forced to spend hours in food lines, simultaneously unfolding the sadness and desperation that is her everyday life. A soldier in Jonestown, where more than nine hundred people committed mass suicide, the young girl's uncle tells her of the dead bodies he's seen - but she doesn't mention the one that she herself has witnessed. When she loses the one person in her life who cares for her - and tries to save her - she knows in her heart that her life is about to end...
Anne can be found on her “How to Build Confidence” blog. All her confidence-building articles there are gleaned from her life's experiences, which have taught her that your past doesn't' have to shape who you are today. .
Sunday's Child is available as a Kindle download from Amazon and a Nook download from Barnes & Noble. It will also be available in PDF and EPUB format from Pulse online bookstore. The PDF version will be viewable on all PC and laptop systems, as well as smart phones, and the EPUB version will be viewable on all eReaders (Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, BlackBerry Playbook, etc.). No matter which particular platform they prefer, they will be able to read a copy in a wide variety of different electronic formats, all for only $2.99. A special discount allows you to purchase an electronic copy (EPUB or PDF) for only $1.99, using the promo code: FFSCALG. Simply enter the code in the appropriate field while ordering a copy of Sunday's Child from Pulse online bookstore:
It’s time to unleash our secret WMD to save freedom. Women of Mass Devotion—America’s grandmothers—are uniting as Granny Guerrillas. Our motto? “Mess with freedom for our grandchildren and you mess with us!” Molli Nickell, author of Pissed off but not Packin’—Granny’s going to a tea party, offers FREE sample chapters. Click on the direct link below to access.
Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You is a guidebook for empathic people who have been unknowingly carrying energetic burdens that belong to someone else. See all purchasing options at .

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